Structural engineering:

  1. Basis of design, i.e. preparation and clarification of specifications, loads and standards
  2. Pre-design, i.e. for feasibility studies and budget calculation
  3. Basic design in according with German (DIN), European (EC), US Standard and international standards, i.e Eurocode, DIN EN 1991, DIN EN 1993, ASCE 7, ASIC 360
  4. Detail design, i.e. connection details, bills of material (BOM/BOQ) and detail drawings
  5. Finite element analysis (FEA, FEM) using RFEM & RSTAB from Dlubal
  6. Dynamic analysis, i.e. eigenfrequencies for earthquake- and wind loads
  7. Planning and analysis of structure during erection and installation

Planning and Project management:

  1. Support of sales activities
  2. Support of procurement, i.e. tender documents, evaluation of supplier
  3. Engineering management, time scheduling, expediting
  4. Tools for Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  5. Installation planning, 3D-Visualisation of erection sequence
  6. Programming and software engineering using: C++, Java, Fortran, Python, Matlab
  7. Communication and documentation in following languages: English, German, Spanisch, Italian, Indonesian

Construction types:

  1. Steel and plant construction in general, i.e. support structure for steel and power plant construction, ducts and stacks, piping support structure, platforms
  2. High rise buildings in general
  3. Cranes, conveyor and material handling equipment
  4. Temporary steel structure for concrete casting
  5. Concentrated solar power plants (CSP), i.e. parabolic through collectors
  6. Facades and glass structure